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Cooked eggs have higher quality protein alfredo di lotto and they kill any salmonella present to keep you from getting sick.
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Give it a listen to give this picture some context.No submissions about software/websites. Whole eggs (whites plus yokes) have a very high fat content (58 fat by calories) so they are not a good primary protein source for bodybuilders.No personal opinions/anecdotes/subjective posts.Just because something is disgusting doesnt make it good for you. .In fact, they can make you very, very sick. .OK, every time I hear this said I want to pillow scream.A fried egg has the same quality as a raw egg. On the other hand, egg whites are 100 protein with no fat and are an excellent, but expensive, primary source of protein.Log in or Sign up log in sign up 1 more reply 1 more reply, top Posts From The r/todayilearned Community.
It just means you are lucky!
Part of proper nutrition is getting enough protein but as long as the protein is of high quality it doesnt matter where it comes from.
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Cooking kills the salmonella bacteria which can make you very, very sick.
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The following data is from m, click on the links to verify the protein quality numbers for yourself.
No politics/agenda pushing.Ive been eating raw eggs for years and Ive never gotten sick. They are the only complete proteins out there, even more complete than beef, chicken or fish.Moderators u/nix0n u/wacrover u/relic2279 u/lukemcr u/manbra u/Geekymumma u/roger_ 1 u/Lynda73 u/lanismycousin 36 DD, view All Moderators, cookies help us deliver our Services.Eggs as a primary protein source for bodybuilders. Every year or two there are massive salmonella outbreaks and millions of eggs get recalled after hundreds get sick and some die the last egg recall for salmonella was August of 2010.Drinking Raw Eggs Makes You Gain Muscle Myth. Guess how much progress you will make in your bodybuilding program if you are have explosive diarrhea and puke your guts out for two weeks? .Visit Community r/todayilearned Rules.

Get salmonella and you will be week as a kitten for a month and you will lose muscle mass as well.