We are available on the following time slots

I think you should speak to him today Note the difference between: Would you mind?
Further, any reply that narrowed opportunities to only a handful of dates can create the notion that interviewing for this prospective job is something you'll do if nothing better or more cdiscount casino pessac important appears on your schedule.( I'll do it) If you would like more practice more please visit our Message Board in the You, Me and Us part of our website.And Would you mind me/my?: Would you mind filling the ice trays and putting them in the freezer?What is the proper preposition for * available time slot?If you're not busy at the moment, could you give me a hand with my homework?We're celebrating Tom's return from Sydney.Would I be able to leave work a bit earlier today?Roger Woodham replies: There are many different ways of making polite requests in English.Compare the following: Can I ask a favour of you?Could I possibly have another cup of coffee?
If you've finished with the computer, may I turn it off?
Is also a very polite way of suggesting or requesting something, politer than.
Would you like to join us on Saturday?
On that basis, I would respectfully disagree with the selected answer and submit the following: "I will make every effort to accommodate your earliest convenience for an interview.
Literally means: Would you object to?
You won't sleep tonight if you.
Compare the following: Would you please bring your library books back today as they are needed by another borrower?Would you mind verb-ing as the preferred alternative to Could you?Would you mind lend me some money?If you're not busy at the moment, would you mind helping me with my homework?I feel the suggestion may not be a good idea because it will end up with two for in the sentence.I think that's a mistake.Could you please lock the door when you leave?If you are asking other people to do things, you would normally use.Tom's back from Sydney and we're having a barbecue.I'm trying to find available time among group members for my talk.No, not at all!This page has been archived and is no longer updated.Similarly, if we use Do / Would you mind if I?Would you / Do you mind if I?