Strategy roulette rainbow six

Includes all of the classement poker patrick bruel in-game operators, including those introduced in Operation Burnt Horizon.
Had a blast putting them together and trying them out!Designated marksman - Only whoever has the defuser can shoot.R6: Strat Roulette is an Android application for people who want to randomize their game a bit, or perhaps try something new, instead of tryharding share deposit account all day and night.Bring the fight to them - All defensive operators must leave the building once the match begins, and can only return if the objective is in immediate danger.I like this point of view - Lean left or right the entire round.
AFK Fake - Must remain motionless through drone phase.
Players must always sprint when in motion Big Borders - You can't place barricades on the objective room walls, only the surrounding ones Blind Eye - No use of cameras The Imitation Game - All players must impersonate various famous celebrities during the round.
WW2 Vets - 1911 Pistols only - Shields on back.
Spetnatz recruit LMG only.
Canadian Warfare - Every kill must be marked with an "I'm sorry" in all-chat.
Recruit Randomizer randomizes loadouts for attacking and defending recruit for extra fun.
Ability to enable or disable operators you do not have, or perhaps don't feel like playing.The Imitation Game - All players must impersonate various famous celebrities during the round.Eyes Wide Shut - Destroy all cameras.Deafened - Last surviving teammate must use only teammates making noise as audio.Blind Eye - No use of drones.CoD Attitude - Must teabag 3 times on any enemy kill before firing again.The Ruse - Fortify the wrong room.Strat Roulette picks a random strategy for your game from a large pool of strategies provided by community members.Man Down - Every team death must be marked the entire team in all-chat.The application is fully open-source, with source code methode infaillible pour gagner au keno available.Team America - FBI - Must use only FBI operators and enter through the main entrance.