St frans bingo

Freddy Bailey, hi Ballybingo, As you know I was a Bally Bingo operator in East Anglia in the early 60's.
Bingobeast, hi UK bingo addicts, Love your site and admire your work done of restoring nd you a tiny pic of a selection of my bingo'e you ans Ballybingo:Hi FransThanks for leaving a picture with some of your bingo's.
"Coach Bag Bingo" events are a "girls' night out where women can get together with friends, have a cocktail and maybe bring home a designer handbag.I love people spending time doing this kind of web sites that preserve our priceless piece of past: bingos and pinballs (my loves).Can troubleshoot and repair my machine.Marco and I are nearing the completion of our second book (title not known yet) and would just like to inform you (and the readers of your website) that this book also casino proximité carte fidélité includes a detailed account of three more bingo games; these chapters have been.Wife is now a bingo widow.Rat Mike's store was so big Mike was able to have four or five bingos in the place at one time which in turn meant most times you didn't have wait that long to play your rolls of coins.I will take some piccies and forward them on as soon as I get a chance.
I found out that I have more fun repairing them, it's quite a challenge.
Anyway, in my book with Marco we covered three bingo machines and gave a detailed account of the rules and strategies of each machine, with of course very good photos from Marco to back up poker pake duit asli each game; the games in question yip jean poker were all Bally (of.
I had a location in The Riverside Cafe in Riverside Rd, Norwich.There were other places in the Northward Italian section of Newark, New Jersey in the late 1960's that had six card Lite a Line bingos like the Blue Castle on Park ave near Hootens chocolate factory, Blue Shutter, Roses candy store which became Rat Mikes.I am glad everyone is enjoying my book.I could write a book on all the colorful bingo player characters and people affiliate with these so popular games back then in the 60's, 70's and 80's.I have a Carnival Queen, (bought from Dave Countdown which drives me mad - even though I don't have to put the money.Normaal speelt ze zelf altijd Bingo in de buurtclub, maar vanavond presenteert ze de Bingo.This location had 3 bingo's, Broadway, Showtime and Bikini, Across the road was a Petrol Station owned by a man named Mr Story, every time I went to this location this guy would be in there playing the Bingo's, I used to have.Keep up your good work in the restoration of these wonderful old machines Steve Smith Nice site!Nee, geen gewone Bingo, want daar houdt ze niet van.Dit jaar organiseren de Maospruvers weer de jaarlijkse Bingo in de Waaijershof.