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I have found some success making the final table abut 50 of the tournaments I play.
It couldn't hurt to ask.
I am 26, a full time Fire Fighter with a large love for Poker.Two player in early position fold and capital one 360 check deposit address villain 1 flats.For some reason I just bean playing every day trying to win back any loses from the last day and usually kanjer loterij uitslag playing pretty well in the early hours only the make mistake after mistake and miss reading my opponents constantly.There are times when I feel like opening up my range just to be able to play with the loose players post flop where I feel I could instill a bit of better play vs them.They will call down with any draw and bet their whole stack on top pair top kicker.I haven't gotten out of hand playing pretty safe folding a couple hands to villain one when I felt I was beat and with villain 1 showing to confirm my correct decision, I am playing so-so.Like cash games, I want to build up a little larger of a bankroll before enrolling myself in tournaments that are above 300.Re-buy,.,., pokerstars ( » ) 888poker ( » ) 999.Prior to playing cash games as my primary focus, I played the local casino tournaments and although i wasn't too good at the time, after winning a few for around 1k each, I was hooked.If anyone decides to contact me we can go over pricing and any additional coaching information."there is a lot of good info in this thread and if u stick to most of the tips you ll be in good shape.
Therefore, you : leave the table.
To make this a bit more friendly, here is some information about myself.
When I am not playing in tournaments I am reading through the handful of tournament poker books I have, highlighting important topics and trying to make my game better with every chance I get.
Imo there a couple of tips that have worked really well for me, get use to 2-5 hours of dead cards, don t lower ur playing style to match the other players.
At this page you will be able to find all the poker tournaments in Prague that will take place this week as well as future series announces.
A bit much but I was sure villain 1 would call.
Villain 1 has been leading into the initial raiser when he has strong hands and with a shove from the small stack the decision was to shove or call.It isn't the best format but it's all I have.A lot of 1/2'ers like to check an awful lot leaving a lot of dead money in the pot.I typically play at my local casinos entering 100-300 tournaments, between 5-10k stacks, blinds start 25/50 and between 25-35 minute blind levels.Villain 1 new loose player at the table with about 600 and Villain 2 with about 100 on a downswing from losing most of his buy in to villain.Re-entry is not a re-buy, where you stay at the same table, and can carry.When you have a nice hand, it's the perfect spot for a nice re-raise.The unfortunate thing where I am is that the tournaments are usually 25 min blinds, 5k ish stacks, and start at either 10/20 or 25/50.People will stack off with marginal hands and will chase any bet amount to hit their gut shot, flush, or open ended straight.Anyways, this was my rant.

I decided to take a break when my girlfriend moved in with me and i took a little vacation.