Poker glossary whale

Annie's Attic, double 1 Annie's room (or Annie's house).
Holes How an individual, who knows nothing about electricity, describes an electrical outlet.For example; "Do I have cancer?" "Cancer?I'm Down Phrase used to confirm one's participation in a certain event or activity.Means "bats in the belfry" Non- Non-Date Personality A more relaxed, personable side which is best "showcased" on a double date where there is less cartable roulette garcon primaire pressure than a one-on-one Not That There's Anything Wrong With That Phrase used to denote acceptance towards gay people Nothing.Kramer snubbed Gail Cunningham, the girl that wouldn't kiss Jerry after three dates.A b Chaplin, Patrick.Skip a few hands and take a few restroom breaks.Add a Definition: Before adding a definition, please read the guidelines.Other Anglophone countries may use different terms.LBJ An act in which one continues to speak about important matters to a fellow worker when unkowingly to the speaker that the other person is no longer present.Then yelling an expletive.Clapgo D-29 An impenetrable dead-bolt lock.Ill close this section with a" from Eliot Jacoobson, who had done a very detailed analysis on Johnsons coup.
Rosy Glow One of the qualities of a good cheek.
If you are unlucky and lose x amount of dollars, we will rebate you a certain percentage.
Vandalay Industries Manufacturer of latex.
Comp is short for complimentary.
It is excusable to stop and buy these when finding out that your friend is in the hospital.I don't understand.(See also Isobutane 30, Sorbitant Sesquioliate) Isobutane 30 An ingredient in anti-flea medication.False Reflecting The image that skinny mirrors gives one.Deming When the dart lands on the other side of the wire of the area aimed for.Visit FOR haiti with love WEB site.The Timeless Art of Seduction Procedure in which to woo a woman.Based on Murphy's Law.Library Cop Person designated to enforce the rules of a library with special emphasis on collecting fines for delinquent books.Purple 23 A good place to hide an air conditioner in a shopping mall parking garage.Ha-Ho Term used as an expression of anger, or excitement.You all forgot bubble boy!

Red Menace The annoying glow from the Kenny Roger's Chicken sign across from Kramer's apartment.
"Pulp can move baby!" Puppet Regime A goverment or organization which owes its existence to being installed, supported or controlled by a more powerful entity, typically a Del Boca Vista power-broker.