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I swear some of the people in this town must be absolutely insane because sometimes when lightning flashes I can see them walking around outside.
A man was placed forward and swung a lead weight with a length of rope.Eat humble pie - acknowledge one's own mistake or adopt a subordinate or ashamed position, particularly giving rise to personal discomfort - originally unrelated to the word 'humble 'umbles' referred to the offal of animals hunted for their meat, notably deer/venison.An alternative interpretation (ack J Martin apparently used in Ireland, has a different meaning: to give a child a whack or beating, with a promise of more to follow unless the child behaves.This formation and similar ones were used until the American Civil War, and later by other European powers.The expression has evolved more subtle meanings over time, and now is lotto 6 aus 49 heute gewinnabfrage used either literally or ironically, for example 'no rest for the wicked' is commonly used ironically, referring to a good person who brings work on him/herself, as in the expression: 'if you want.According to Bill Bryson's book Mother Tongue, tanks were developed by the Admiralty, not the army, which led to the naval terms for certain tank parts,., turret, deck, hatch malus bonus automobile and hull.The general expression 'there's no such thing as a free lunch' dates back to the custom of America 19th century bars giving free snacks in expectation of customers buying drink.
Le tiki-taka est une strat├ęgie permettant la conservation du ballon.
I got there about twenty seconds before Sam and Isabel.
All and any of these could conceivably have contributed to knacker meaning a horse slaughterman, and thence for example to the term knacker's yard, where the knacker plied his trade.
The word was first recorded in the sense of a private tutor in 1848, and in the sense of an athletics coach in 1861.Strapped/strapped for cash - penniless, poor, short of funds or ready cash (especially temporarily so, and unable to afford something or needing to borrow) - 'strapped' in this sense is from 1800s English slang.In this respect (but not derivation) sod is similar to the word bugger, which is another very old word used originally by the righteous and holy to describe the unmentionable act - arguably the most unmentionable of all among certain god-fearing types through the ages.There has to be more to it than this one might think.Lick and a promise - the hasty performance of a task, or something not done properly, also (originally) a hasty wash, or a taste of more to come - according to my own research in my own family this expression was popular in London.In some circles, the match is immediately aborted, with the player furthest ahead in score declared the winner, while in others, a player out of scoring chips continues to play without risk of further losses.Physical and post-mortem examinations reveal no differences from baseline humans.Dope - idiot/drug(noun and verb cannabis - interestingly both meanings of the word dope (idiot and a drug of some sort, extending to the verb to dope drug someone) are from the same origins: Dope in English (actually US English, first recorded 1807) originally referred.It is named for.It wants me to join.When the opposing lines clashed, there would be a zone between them where fighting took place.The modern word turkey is a shortening of the original forms 'turkeycock' and 'turkeyhen being the names given in a descriptive sense to guinea-fowl imported from Africa by way of the country of Turkey, as far back as the 1540s.Addendum: The following journal was recovered in the aftermath of the SCP-3300 event ending on 30th June, 1995 and represents one of the few descriptions of what occurs during the phenomena.Interestingly according to Cassells, break a leg also means 'to be arrested' in US slang (first recorded from 1900 and 'to hurry' (from 1910 which again seems to fit with the JW Booth story.

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