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nz lotto re

The big one they keep drawing numbers until a Bingo winner had been found amongst all tickets for that draw.
There was a team colour printed on each roulette baie vitrée leroy merlin ticket.
If one matches the Bullseye number exactly, they win first division and the top prize of a minimum 100,000.There were three divisions: Four Corners: If you got each of the three corner numbers (the other was just a tick) before 27 numbers had been called, you won Four Corners.For the purposes of winning, the numbers are viewed as circular, with 999999 followed by 000000 (e.g.We provide all the major national lotteries in New Zealand including NZ Lotto, NZ Lotto with PowerBall, and Big Wednesday Lotto.8 See also edit References edit External links edit).The rest of the Division One prizes were done as follows: If there were between one and four left, they won 250,000 each.At the Cross round, they were given two squares as a head-start towards Cross.The bearer must complete a Prize Claim form, which is sent along with the ticket to Lotto NZ in Auckland for the claim of the prize.
Tickets cost.70 per line, with a minimum of four lines if playing with a coupon.
Draw machine edit Starting from the raw, Powerball is drawn with one of two Smartplay Halogen II machines.
Correct answers were worth 50, and incorrect answers were penalized by that amount.
1 Current games edit All monetary values are in New Zealand dollars.
The advertised "cash" component then increased with every jackpot draw until won (or the 30 million "Must Be Won" threshold is reached).
Claiming prizes over 5,000 and special draw prizes cause the processing Lotto terminal to lock for security reasons, and the terminal operator must call Lotto NZ to unlock the terminal, giving Lotto NZ staff a chance to talk to the winners.Please select number of tickets.Big Wednesday ended on 30 September 2015, with a Must Be Won draw.The Powerball number is a number between 1 and 10, drawn from a separate machine from the main Lotto draw.There were also "Extra Draws" on a few occasions in 1998.The show was hosted by Jon Bridges.Lotto Strike edit Introduced A Lotto player may, at a cost of 1, add to their ticket four Lotto Strike numbers.Play 3 was Lotto NZ's third daily game with the first draw on Draws take place at 6pm.As with tickets purchased at retail gains keno en ligne outlets, players have the options of playing a Dip, selecting their own numbers and players can save their favourite numbers for future use.Lesser prizes are won if one's number is up to 50,000 either side of the Bullseye, with prizes increasing in value as one's number gets closer to the Bullseye number.However, there were 50 balls for Big Wednesday, not 40, and the game had the added feature of a "coin toss along with the numbers, players must predict heads or tails.In late 1999, Telebingo was also re-aired at 3:30 pm the next day.The objective was to match one of the following: fruitautomaten spelen telefoon The 12 numbers in Game 'R' The 9 numbers in Game 'S' The 6 numbers in Game 'K' The 3 numbers in Game 'I' All panels except Game 'R' had one or more signs which could.Bullseye edit Lotto Bullseye odds and prizes Division Requirements Odds per line Average Prize 1 Bullseye number 1 in 1,000,000 180,000 2 Number 1 to 5 either side of Bullseye number 1 in 100,000 10,000 3 Number 6 to 50 either side of Bullseye number.