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What will happen to the diamond production level in Russia and the rest of the world in the years to come?
There is a similar situation in Africa and Canada all territories that were easy-to-explore have been free no deposit bonus slots explored.
They have direct signs of presence of Middle-Paleozoic pipes with relatively thin overlaps, with a high diamond content and a good quality of diamonds.In the better case, we can talk about a comparatively short-termed expansion.The Ekati Mine is being developed quite intensely, but the amounts of ore mass in the pipes are not that big.So, in this situation, in a 60 square meter area, exploration is effectively done by dense drilling with a meterage of about 70,000 per year.Note: Nikolai Pokhilenko, Associate Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, is a specialist in the fields of geochemistry, mineralogy and petrology of kimberlites and litospheric mantle, diamond deposit formation processes, development of their forecasting and exploration methods.De Beers behavior was postcode loterij boek gewonnen amazing from the very beginning.It is worth expecting discoveries of large deposits in Canada outside the Slave craton.An average price of Snap Lake diamonds is now about 148 per carat, and De Beers experts first tried to evaluate them at casino cherso 70 per carat, which, of course, gave a totally different picture of the project profitability.
We are hopeful to access the primary sources in the Molodo area.
Possibly, a big part of the primary deposit was cut off during the intense uplift of the Anabar shield and its margins for the last several dozen millions of years, thus cutting off several kilometers of sediments.
Mainly from the Asia-Pacific countries, primarily from China.
Evidently, this approach does not solve the problem.
There are signs of presence of Middle-Paleozoic high-diamond kimberlite pipes on the whole territory of the Olenekskoye elevation and its margins, in the middle and upper reaches of the Tyung River, near the Lena River, and in several other areas where we have discovered fresh.
Before they came to Snap Lake, the field had produced about six tons of dressed ore and about 12 thousands carats of diamonds, and a mere assessment of these quantities could easily give an unbiased picture of the actual value.
The drilling grid was at first 800800, then 800400, and finally we started drilling at 10050 and only then we developed Mayskaya dike and this was 10 years after Nyurbinskaya pipe had been discovered the last relatively big deposit in the area.There are diamonds there, but I doubt that any major discovery will be made there in the foreseeable future.Nikolai Pokhilenko, Director of the Institute for Geology and Mineralogy at the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, comments on the recent trends of the global diamond market.Pricing: Margin and commission fee paid to the financing bank of Sberbank of Russia Group.This situation should have been forecasted when the many-year long reserves of the State Precious Metals and gems Depository were being devastated.You cannot behave in Canada as you do in Africa.Naturally, the one who manages to sell his goods at the highest exponential growth curve will reap the cream of the market.Quite probably, original sources are buried under deep strata of tuffs and lava beds.First of all, we should admit that there have been no serious discoveries in any part of the world, including Russia, for the last ten years.