Lost city bonus level

Level 20: The High Road Boxes: 45 Bonus Level: 1 Level 21: Slippery Climb Boxes: 51 Bonus Level: 1 Requirement To Unlock Red Gem : Collect all boxes without Dying ( Can Die In Bonus Level ).
Obtaining it won't be easy, as various traps and enemies will be waiting for you in the Lost City.
The game won't let you just jump over the metal crates, and thus you will have to pass them carefully from the abyss side.
Level 23: Fumbling In The Dark Boxes: 18 Bonus Level: None Requirement To Unlock Level : Collect the Key from ' Jaws of Darkness '.The token is in one of them.The only enemies in this level are "leaping lizards Iguanas, and bats.Other Crates: 26 Tawna Bonus Round Crates: 33 (17 in Beta) Brio Bonus Round Crates: 21 Cortex Bonus Round Crates: None.Watch out for bridges that will bend under Crash's weight.Sane Trilogy Save/Load Screen.There's a hidden button back there that you'll hit when bouncing, which will make some invisible boxes tangible throughout the stage.Developer time 1:36.70 (Hunter.Right after, you'll see a lizard hanging out a couple of platforms away.
I will list it as a requirement if the level needs it and will point you to the level it can be unlocked.
You must complete all bonus levels by collecting the 3 character tokens in each level.
One of them is hidden above the first set of rotating platforms.
Including Bonus Levels ) and 6 Colour Gems which are unlocked by collecting every box in the level without dying ( except for bonus levels ).
Collect it and quickly jump left, so that you won't get pushed by stone blocks.
And The Lost City level in particular seems to be giving a lot casino montpellier celleneuve of people trouble. .
Each of them will remain available only for a short time.Make sure to get rid of the lizard and search the small room, in which you will come across a crate with three additional lives.Due to this undersea association, contemporary fantasy portrayals of Atlantis sometimes involve mermaids or "reverse mermaids also tying into Cortex's well-known animal-crossing schemes surprisingly well.These lizards can only be defeated by being jumped on when they are landing or getting ready for another leap.Secrets: Green Gem - Destroy all 82 crates and complete the stage without dying once.Crash Bandicoot 1 level by level rather than all of them in a single video.On your way out, make sure to bounce on the box in the back hallway.Any questions, please ask!By the way, if you dislike the bats, defeat the ones on the wall.You need 2 keys to unlock secret levels.Right after that, make sure to bounce on a lone box to grab the first.On your way out, you might notice some boxes sitting behind a wall of iron crates to your left.

Right after, you'll come across some platforms that look like the ones above.
Eventually, you'll come across some hanging bats and a horde of swooping ones.
The "leaping lizards" hop from spot to spot, overall consisting of three separate areas to land.