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Castdetails: Alice Ripley Next To Normal Broadway, New York A- It was reported that during the matinee that Alice was having vocal problems during act one so Jessica took over for act 2 and also performed the whole evening show.
It was a real party!
All the songs and dialogues are in French.Final show in Osaka.Sally Ann Bourne as Annie, Hayes Gordon as Warbucks, Jill Perryman as Miss Hannigan Anne Grigg as Grace Farrell Annie Australia 2 CD A- Australian Revival Cast.Marla Schaffel, James Barbour, Mary Stout, Elizabeth DeGrazia Jason Robert Brown Inaudible CD released only to JRB's family and friend, 20 tracks, a bunch of new songs and new versions of others!Rubin-Vega Rent Broadway, New York - 2 CD B-/B Adam Pascal (Roger Anthony Rapp (Mark Troy Horne (Collins D'Monroe (Benny Merle Dandridge (Joanne Justin Johnston (Angel Tamyra Gray (Mimi Nicolette Hart (Maureen Kelly Karbacz (Mark's Mom others Philip Dorian McAdoo (Christmas Caroler others Maia Nkenge Wilson.Closing show of the season; show would be on break until September.Ensemble: Randy Aaron, Janet Dickinson, Autumn Guzzardi, Ryah Nixon, Nick Pessagno, Mark Raumaker.They cried a few times, especially in For Good.Adam Wylie (wicked/LA, into THE woods) is Leo and he was hilarious!The tour moves on to Zurich.Castdetails unknown, except Dee as Elphaba.
Original Dutch cast with free no deposit money Simone Kleinsma as Donna, Ellen Evers as Tanja, Doris Baaten as Rose, Oren Schrijver as Sky and Celine Purcell as Sophie.
Gurr (Bedevere Pia Glenn (Lady of the Lake) Complete audio; includes intro announcement/rarely-heard exit music Spamalot Palace Theatre, London 2 CD A No castdetails known.
She covers rather well, though.
Lauren Kennedy, Anneliese van der Pol, Sarah Stiles.Recorded from the first row of the mezz with an Olympus WS-321m.Cabaret Bad Hersfeld, CD A Pia Douwes, Annika Bruhns, cast details unknown (Transfered from analog video) Cabaret Kit Kat Club, New York 2 CD A- Natasha Richardson (sally Bowles Alan Cumming (Emcee Ron Rifkin (Schultz Mary Louise Wilson (Schneider John Benjamin Hickey (Clifford Denis O'Hare.Loo, Bill van Dijk, Jeroen Phaff Evita - Stadsschouwburg, Amsterdam CD A (Soundboard) Pia Douwes, Bill van Dijk, Ben Cramer (und.Dianne sounds sick in the talking postcode loterij online kopen parts.Castdetails: Cassidy Janson (Elphaba) Dianne Pilkington (Glinda) Oliver Tompsett (Fiyero) Harriet Thorpe (Morrible) Nigel Planner (Wizard) James Gillan (Boq) Andy Mace (Dr.Les Miserables Broadway, New York 3 CD A- Lea Salonga's First Show.Castdetails: Ann van den Broeck (Elisabeth Oliver Arno (De Dood Jan Schepens (Lucheni Guido Gottenbos (Franz Joseph Anne Mie Gils (Sophie Thomas Hohler (Rudolph Kirsten Cools (Ludovika/Frau Wolf) Elisabeth Stadsschouwburg Antwerpen 2 CD A This is the German tourproduction in Antwerp.Overall a terrific show, good recording, but missing the final and applause.Mame - Pittsburgh CLO 2 CD A- Opening Night.She was a cover Donna and Tanya.

Conductor is Marvin Hamlish.