Gottlieb joker poker pinball machine

These look exactly like the originals and will make a nice addition to the newly cleared playfield.
So I started with two machines, with the plan on combining the best of both into one nice machine.
I get ready to drill a hole so I can mount a memory backup capacitor and that's when I get a good look at it and notice there's some corrosion on this one too.
I put it aside for the time being, since my wife will kill me if I don't do some household projects first.I got in contact with Bill Davis and sent him the playfield.I've included one of the first machine I got too, just so you can see much better the one from Gary's.I'll order another red one from PBR later.After a closer look, it turns out that the coil plunger was in upside down (nylon post down) so when energized, the plunger just stayed inside the coil.When the pinball bug revisited me this year, Joker Poker was one I had to get.Bally uses the same crappy style too stripe deposit money and if these turn out as nice as I think they will, I'll replace the ones.Bobby Orr Power Play as my first machine, Joker Poker was still on my mind, and still tops on my list.After, picture #1, after, picture #2, ball's Eye.Photos Above Courtesy Of Dave aka bradysana.Click Here and go take a look for yourself.These are plain pine wood with a woodgrain vinyl stick-on covering to make them look like maple.It's still not as nice as the knocker on my Power Play, but lots better than it was.
Nothing like eliminating your MPU from your list when you're troubleshooting a problem.
It was my only red one.
I also replaced aktueller jackpot 6 aus 49 the power cord with a nice new one, and replaced a couple of busted fuse holders on the bottom board.I really lucked out when I bought the 2nd machine at Gary's.I manually ejected it and played my first ball.Then I removed all the subassemblies from the underside, including all the drop targets (3 banks the flippers (3 the sling-shot (1 the pop bumpers (2 the ball ejector, etc.So I removed the bad ones and crimped on new connectors.I decided against mylar in front of the sling shot (Joker Poker only has 1 powered sling shot).I finally started working on this machine around the end of July 2001.Then I cleaned up the apron and top arch.This playfield was in much better shape then.Design by: Ed Krynski, art by: Gordon Morison.I did however remove any switch that poked up into the playfield.Players 4, flippers 3, ramps 0, poker suite avec un as multiball.

With the cleared playfield, the new plastics, new drop targets, and new flipper bats, the playfield looks brand new.
Sometimes if I stripped back far enough I could find clean wire, but many times I could not.
Before, picture #1, before, picture #2, first.