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The pater familias held legal privilege over the property of the familia and online gokkasten spelen astra varying levels of authority over his dependents including wife and children and certain other relatives through blood or adoption, clients, freedmen and slaves.
Canada Permanent Trust., 1977 2 RCS 302, 1976 CanLII 14 (CSC) (per Dickson.).Found 29 sentences matching phrase "pater familias".Found in.Jump to: General, Art, Business, Computing, Medicine, Miscellaneous, Religion, Science, Slang, Sports, Tech, Phrases.Retrieved 22 November sac samsonite roulettes 2018.2, it is also used in Latin American countries.Who could have imagined that we should be present at the solemn days of that same jubilee not as the "pater familias who organises the celebrations, but as a guest, who comes to the land of our ancestors as the Supreme Roman Pontiff of Polish.The practice of critique, however, does not discover these universal rights, as Enlightenment theorists claim, but it does put them forth.General (1 matching dictionary bonus pater familias : Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia home, info).Pater familias is the Latin term for "father of the family" or the "owner of the family estate".EurLex-2 b) contractual terms must be drafted plainly, clearly and unambiguously, so that they are understandable to the average consumer applying the normal diligence of a "bonus pater familias if terms do not meet these requirements, they must be considered null and void(17).23 (1993 105, 112.And she went crazy.Similar is the, french language expression bon père de famille, used in a sense similar to "reasonably cautious person." For example, in the case.
Hansard, it is obvious that the minister will exercise his responsibility, his ministerial discretion, as a good pater familias.
Supreme Court of Israel, ChiefMilitary Prosecutor v Melinki and Others, 1962.
MultiUn, in common law jurisdictions, this is often referred to as the reasonable person standard, whereas in several civil law jurisdictions this is often referred to as the good family father (bonus pater familias) standard.1, in, spanish law, the term used is a direct translation un buen padre de familia and used in the Spanish.1133; Código Civil de Colombia, art.63 Supreme Court of Canada.Supreme Court of Canada.Opensubtitles2, you and Abel anointed her pater familias and she went crazy opensubtitles2.He had a duty to father and raise healthy children as future citizens, to maintain the moral propriety and well-being of his household, to honor his clan and ancestral gods and to dutifully participate and if possible, serve in Rome's political, religious and social life.Common crawl, throughout all the confrontations between plebs and the patriciate, the domination of the pater familias in the domus was not fundamentally questioned, just as little as slavery was.Victoria University of Wellington Law Review.

Supreme Court of Canada described the standard of care and diligence expected of the manager of a trust as being "ceux quun bon père de famille apporte à ladministration de ses propres affaires".