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We plan to roll out our sales platforms across Europe so that new banks can use out platforms and then serve their customers with the deposit options available, he said.
As featured in, for interviews, comment or media information please click here.Awards and recognition, customers wont care about any particular technology unless it solves a particular problem in a superior way.The Hamburg-headquartered firm pioneeringly allows people to access the best interest rates from different banks without having open new accounts with each lender.Tim Sievers, Deposit Solutions provides the leading Open Banking platform connecting banks depositors.Wave after wave of industries from manufacturing, entertainment, travel, music and telecommunications have seen value chains upended and rebuilt with an open flow poker pake bank cimb of information, customers and transactions.Cookie Use and, data Transfer outside the.Peter Thiel, PayPal co-founder and early investor in Facebook, LinkedIn, Tesla and Deposit Solutions.With our expertise in scaling high growth technology companies, we will help accelerate the growth of the business even further.Sievers named the United Kingdom as an example of a target market where he said he hoped to attract banks currently unaware of their platform.The Swiss market has a deposit base in several currencies,.Our mission is to establish Open Banking as the new industry standard for the deposits business.Zinspilot allows German consumers the opportunity to use the daily and fixed-term offers of many banks based in the European Union through one single account as opposed to opening numerous separate accounts with different banks to make different deposits.Sievers also plans to use the funds raised not only to also provide further investment in their current markets but to make new banks in other countries aware of their platform.
This round of fundraising was led by European private equity firm Vitruvian Partners, as well as Swedish investment company Kinnevik and existing shareholder, the venture capital fund ntures.
The platform aims to benefit the German consumer by ensuring that they are not dependent on the low daily or fixed interest rates of their house bank.
We are Deposit Solutions, provider of the Open Banking platform for deposits connecting banks and depositors across Europe.
Savedo acts as the international B2C platform for Deposit Solutions, using the same software as zinspilot and is currently available to consumers in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands.
Founded in 2011.
The company already operates the leading platform for savings deposits in Europe.Instead customers who wanted a choice of deposit products were forced to laboriously open additional accounts elsewhere.Fundamentally, the firm is unique in that it allows banks to offer third party deposit products to their own customers through their existing accounts.Deposit Solutions, german fintech firm Deposit Solutions is targeting an initial expansion into the Swiss market after successfully raising 100 million at its recent investment round.Deposit Solutions rapid success has somewhat left the firm playing catch up in terms of raising awareness about their business.For Vitruvian Partners, Deposit Solutions rapid growth over the past year made their decision to invest an easy one.So, Swiss Francs of course and then Switzerland is also one of the largest markets for US Dollar denominated funds outside of America and it also has a significant Euro base which makes it attractive.Tim Sievers, the CEO and Founder of Deposit Solutions explained that the firm could launch their B2C offering in Switzerland as early as October.It was this need that inspired the creation of Deposit Solutions in 2011.Many banks simply dont know yet what we do and were aiming to change that, he said.Meanwhile, banks requiring additional funding for strategic or regulatory aims were unable to access this deposit market without operating their own expensive retail infrastructure in each European country.We are Europes deposit pioneers.Banking too has joined the Open revolution with a combination of customer expectation, technological capability and new regulations: Customers educated in other sectors seek out a choice of best-in-class financial products independent of product provider.Technology creates room for new approaches and solutions that could not previously exist.